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Who doesn’t have a daughter, sister or know a young teenage girl who seems attached to her cell phone, but who is really on the leash? Who is leading whom?

There is no doubt that adolescence is a time of identity formation, social comparison, and mental development, but what happens when a dominant, changing culture imposes adult norms with no rules or limitations?

This e-book for teenage girls offers two answers: How can we stop social media from taking advantage of a rash and brash teenage brain still in development to avoid making wrong choices? …

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The human body is a miracle of nanotechnology that far exceeds the advances of modern science. The good news is that nutritional science is unfolding new discoveries in cellular nutrition and the wonders of natural healing. Science cannot create life. Only life can complement life.

There is a world of education that needs to open for consumers. They must be able to visualize a miracle of a single cell, basic structures and functions. They must equally visualize what happens to the cell when encountering “good guy nutrients” or faced with “bad guy nutrients.” …

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From seed to seedling to young plant, eager leaves facing sun,

Beginning roots transplanted into new soil to grow tall

And worthy to fulfill the promise of ripe, juicy tomatoes;

But it took one glaring half-moon’s frosty breath minus one degree

To turn its plant cells into ice crystals and disrupt life’s flow

To lie ragged on the dirt, the fruit of frozen dreams forgotten.

The natural world has a heartbeat, a pulse, a self-preservation

To connect for common survival set at a seasonal default

Blamelessly disrupted by weather and climate extremes.

So how do people prepare for life’s inevitable…

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Last week, a dropped strawberry shake splattered on the pavement

Leaving a permanent smear that can’t be hose-nozzled away;

Must ask, what is it? 16 grams of saturated fats, 100 grams of sugar, mono and diglycerides,

Cellulose and guar gums and carrageenan surpassing the daily carb limits.

Must wonder how this sticky stuff fills the bloodstream if it’s unremovable?

But what’s worse are the slurs meant to hurt others by malice,

Malice, like a swift sword, decapitates the soul of good intentions,

Cracking deep scars of lack of empathy, without self-defence;

Smearing vindictive half truths and lies over a kind…

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What is time worth if you make bad choices and forfeit the future?

Who has not looked at a newborn baby girl and marvelled at the perfect creation of humanity? The precious face, arms, legs, little fingers with near transparent fingernails and tiny toes. Who hasn’t looked at a little girl and marvelled at her innocence, openness to listen and learn and the genuine warmth that generates the love that’s all accepting and transcendent?

Who hasn’t wished that each little girl will grow up through teen challenges to become a young responsible woman to motherhood herself as one of the most important roles she will ever have to give birth and pass on…

My Mother Taking a Rest

Sometimes is never excusable when next time never comes

Today I have another chance to remember my dear mother and grandmother. I hope in your spiritual world you can hear me because in my mind I hear your voice and words. Sometimes it doesn’t matter you are gone for almost 20 years now, my throat stills chokes up because your memories are alive and your kind smiles are still missed so much.

Easy nostalgia looks back at how things used to be. You were Dad’s life partner and even if you complained about sore knees or being tired his meals were always prepared, laundry done and house work cleaned…

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So here we sit, a generation watching life’s purpose lit with changes

As rituals of cults blaze higher, rejecting progress, ignoring their failures;

A suicide watch on a planetary level from human blunders,

As powerbrokers downplay the coming heat of climate change.

Rising smoke hazes intellect, scientists and truth seekers;

Doubtful success myths scintillate as distrust and paranoia flare;

As the conflagration spreads violence, despising democratic victories;

And ashes of scapegoats flicker from immigrants and foreigners.

Now, add more combustion as profound failure and fantastical delusions,

The biggest lie to deny what we undeniably see … “just hugs and kisses…

Besides blocking a sandy commercial channel, I can't help but wonder what other effects this global shipping monster spreads in its wake through pollution, exploitation and materialism that warrants its mammoth existence. Time to make it extinct.

Not sure how few media moguls have the influence to block speechmakers who don't speak their language of conformity. The famous less than 1% who control the 99% of the economy can easily blacklist's been done before ... now mass media is so much more powerful

Author’s Roadmap

It’s your world now
Use well the time
Be part of something good
Leave something good behind… The Eagles

Does the following statement bother you? If it does, then the need for something different is loud and clear because our society needs better choices and one sure way to do that is to call on a moralistic billionaire when money matters for mass communication.

This world is nuts. We cancel cartoons and old movies as they are sexually offensive and then CBS airs Cardi B and Megan rolling around doing WAP on a giant purple bed also twerking around a giant stiletto with a shower of money raining down on the Grammy last night. Yahoo News said it won…

Annemarie Berukoff

Retired teacher — wisdom of Timely Tools for Changes: self-franchise internet marketing, social media attacks, ecology

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