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Who doesn’t have a daughter, sister or know a young teenage girl who seems attached to her cell phone, but who is really on the leash? Who is leading whom?

There is no doubt that adolescence is a time of identity formation, social comparison, and mental development, but what happens when a dominant, changing culture imposes adult norms with no rules or limitations?

This e-book for teenage girls offers two answers: How can we stop social media from taking advantage of a rash and brash teenage brain still in development to avoid making wrong choices? …

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The human body is a miracle of nanotechnology that far exceeds the advances of modern science. The good news is that nutritional science is unfolding new discoveries in cellular nutrition and the wonders of natural healing. Science cannot create life. Only life can complement life.

There is a world of education that needs to open for consumers. They must be able to visualize a miracle of a single cell, basic structures and functions. They must equally visualize what happens to the cell when encountering “good guy nutrients” or faced with “bad guy nutrients.” …

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So here we sit, a generation watching life’s purpose lit with changes

As rituals of cults blaze higher, rejecting progress, ignoring their failures;

A suicide watch on a planetary level from human blunders,

As powerbrokers downplay the coming heat of climate change.

Rising smoke hazes intellect, scientists and truth seekers;

Doubtful success myths scintillate as distrust and paranoia flare;

As the conflagration spreads violence, despising democratic victories;

And ashes of scapegoats flicker from immigrants and foreigners.

Now, add more combustion as profound failure and fantastical delusions,

The biggest lie to deny what we undeniably see … “just hugs and kisses…

Besides blocking a sandy commercial channel, I can't help but wonder what other effects this global shipping monster spreads in its wake through pollution, exploitation and materialism that warrants its mammoth existence. Time to make it extinct.

Not sure how few media moguls have the influence to block speechmakers who don't speak their language of conformity. The famous less than 1% who control the 99% of the economy can easily blacklist's been done before ... now mass media is so much more powerful

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It’s your world now
Use well the time
Be part of something good
Leave something good behind… The Eagles

Does the following statement bother you? If it does, then the need for something different is loud and clear because our society needs better choices and one sure way to do that is to call on a moralistic billionaire when money matters for mass communication.

This world is nuts. We cancel cartoons and old movies as they are sexually offensive and then CBS airs Cardi B and Megan rolling around doing WAP on a giant purple bed also twerking around a giant stiletto with a shower of money raining down on the Grammy last night. Yahoo News said it won…

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“Two days with Jack will change your life. He’ll share his hard-earned secrets of leading a truly fulfilling, enlightened and exciting life based on your true mission.”

Undoubtedly, the world admires Jack Canfield’s success as a best selling author with his series of Chicken Soup for the Soul and The Success Principles. He has launched 47 NY Times bestsellers and sold over 500 million books.

So, of course, which would-be author wouldn't be interested in hearing his advice about his failures, inspirations and strategies? So, last night I listened soulfully to his webinar hoping there was something inspirational to learn from this humanitarian; hopefully, without a money catch at the end. However, yes, there was a 10000 dollar opportunity if you could afford it.

But, wait a…

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A horrible invasion swamped us, declared an epidemic on March 12;

Insidious, invisible spiked microbes floating by on air as tiny droplets,

Inflaming air sacs in the lungs with fluid, isolating our tears,

Fracturing hugs, turned into elbow taps behind face condoms;

Families’ new joys and memories quarantined, visits locked down,

Stagnant businesses drowned; schools closed, learning cancelled;

Front line workers default, health professionals persist with exhaustion;

Abysmal words sting and linger … ventilators, incubation, intubation,

Last gasping breaths, grasping hands, obliterated by solitary video deaths;

Now injected vaccines to combat and compromise the ever-variant microbes,

Lifting the despairing darkness…

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Ecopsychology is based on a transpersonal and philosophical relationship with nature, highlighting beliefs and practices that promote and enhance ecological, personal, and community sustainability.

Lately there is a true story circulating in our community that links a bobcat facing certain death to human kindness and a deeper affinity to my domesticated cat and the roles of all animals in human psychology with rights to be protected and honored … just a simple precursor to humanity’s evolution with animals.

I’ve always felt an affectation for the wild bobcat, maybe, because it looks like my tabby cat with a bobbed tail due to a closed car door. Bobcats are about twice as big with distinctive fur and stubby tails. Like most cats they are territorial and…

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It’s a simple question: Do you think there is a Teen Drug Problem via Social Media? Yes or No? Can we do anything about it? Why not harness the teen’s greatest watched medium to more than to entertain but also to interact and educate?

If you say “Yes” perhaps we need to try harder as a society to find a solution for more and more teenagers at risk. We do not need more research to know that social media sites are only growing in popularity and number connecting to more drug abuse. There is nothing normative about teenagers underestimating the risks of smoking, drinking, and the use of certain drugs when their brain’s rational deductive reasoning does not develop until their early twenties.

Currently there doesn't seem to be much on the agenda to reduce the risk. Of course, parents are concerned but there…

Annemarie Berukoff

Retired teacher — wisdom of Timely Tools for Changes: self-franchise internet marketing, social media attacks, ecology

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