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A Worrisome Reflection at a Grocery Check Out with 3 Tough Health Challenges

Annemarie Berukoff
6 min readNov 16, 2023


Why your Shopping Cart may be a small dangerous vehicle driving into health or sickness destinations … but watch for unexpected corners that make it even tougher

The problem of being a teacher is carrying the banner of learning described as the process of understanding behavior, skills, attitudes and values. Almost nothing upsets me more than watching a young mother pushing a shopping cart loaded with boxes, cartons, bottles and bags of processed foods with a case of pop underneath.

It’s why I feel like setting up a small kiosk in a grocery store that would outline, if nothing else, the basics of nutrition of whole foods nutrients versus processed food stuff minus nutrients. Unfortunately, nutritional info would just be the tip of the iceberg about how our food system is manipulated to the detriment of our good health starting at a young age.

My stump speech

We have not changed biologically in the past twenty thousand or so years, but the changes we have made in our environment are dramatic and the challenges we face are different from any other species. We have constructed a new world of foods in an environment that’s changing faster and faster. We now must adapt to such change, but can we question our ability to change if information is manipulated, incomplete or misleading?

How can our inner ecology cope with this outer world ecology?

At one time, humans were hunters, gatherers and farmers of the forests, fields, and grasslands. Our physiology remains the same built upon grains, vegetables, meat and fish and vigorous exercise in pursuit of game and tilling the soil.

Now we are “hunters” of the supermarkets, filling our “buggies” or caches with a welter of boxes, cans, bottles, cellophane, plastic, and Styrofoam. Everything is so refined, reconstituted and fortified with everything synthetic, sweet, hydrogenated with over processed dead nutrients.

We sit in our caves and bow before the Master of Mass Advertising who do homage to Big Food Manufacturing Margin Profits. We sadly wonder why we’re not walking so spryly or feeling so well today. And we wonder why so many children are developing lifelong habits for



Annemarie Berukoff

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