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Something Big is Coming … Experience a Wellness Revolution with Pure Cell Daily Drops.

6 min readFeb 25, 2024


Have you heard about Swiss Patented Daily Drops? Imagine a world where your body can absorb up to 98% of the vitamins and nutrients it needs. No more guesswork. No more waste.

The future of dietary supplementation may well be with the new technology of microencapsulation of nutrients directly to the cells versus pills or potions.

These powerful drops are revolutionizing health management. Nutritional science and clinical studies are confirming cutting-edge solutions for future dietary trends that can change health in the field of nutraceuticals, wellness and anti-aging.

Is the new wave of supplements to be found in liquid drop technology?
Will pills and powdered supplements become irrelevant in future nutrition? Imagine taking a supplement and feeling it work quickly via so many testimonials for a variety of health problems. Unbelievable!

On the Wealth side, MLM history has shown that people who get in early at the top in prelaunch make the most money before critical mass in lifetime legacy companies. Networkers only dream about getting a spot this high up as a FIRST MOVERS ADVANTAGE to LOCK IN TOP SPOT.

Electi’s lucrative compensation plan is unheard of. Get 3 members and your product is free. Get 12 people on your team (personal, team growth or spillover) and net $400 per month. Their top-tier pay plan, early ranks, matching checks bonuses, and dynamic team build are designed to empower your success.

This could be the beginning of life-changing income and personal testimonials that are undeniable and powerful.

One example:

Testimonial from BJ Patterson, a retired disabled combat Army veteran with 28 years under his belt, who’s had to grapple with over 20 disabilities resulting from that service.
“The pain — it’s been my shadow, an unwelcome companion for far too long.
I’ve been through countless recommendations, treatments, and advice — including the government doctors who, 10 years ago, told me to ‘learn to



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