Face 3 Facts and Make Money in the On-Demand Economy with 5 Outstanding Products and Friends

If you want something and want it now, you immediately reach out to your phone, make a few clicks and boom, the on-demand economy fulfils it!

Annemarie Berukoff
4 min readJun 1

How often did you use an App today? New statistics (2020) show that average smartphone users (18–44) have installed 40 apps and spend 4.2 hours daily.


ONE: The Digital Age has new expectations for quick and convenient shopping with access to most goods and services at your fingertips only a few clicks away. How often do you exercise your shopping habits in this Digital Marketplace with high expectations for delivery and savings when possible?

Has it crossed your mind that as an active participant, perhaps, there is a way to monetize income streams from such activity?

Is there a turnkey marketing system streamlined enough to build a home business with the advent of digital reality?

TWO: Digital Marketing uses computers and smartphones to connect with customers at every stage of their buying journey by using email, social media, advertising, and multimedia messaging. Digital Marketers can collect valuable information by tracking their customers in real time and target specific audiences by tailoring content to their preferred digital channels. Traditional marketing gets slashed moving from online to mobile with loyalty rewards for their target audience.

THREE: The On-Demand Economy refers to a digitalized economy where web-based mobile apps produce almost instantaneous results through online ordering.

The On-Demand Economy Trends (Forbes) are huge and getting larger. More economic activities that center around online platforms that offer goods or services, especially savings and discounts, are attracting significant consumer attention and spending.


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