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HOW 5 Stars and Core Beliefs Make Money Online: a Fairy Tale for Networkers — Chap. 5

How Common Folk Win Challenge for Fair and Democratic Home Business

The next day Yumee visits King SEO’s court and is ushered into a chamber where the King and a few consultants, each with an open laptop, are sitting around a round table. He is nervous, of course, but feels there are no other options besides his briefcase filled with Milly’s booklet.

“Good morning, King Seo. I humbly offer my idea for a fair and democratic home business. A special fairy godmother showed me this.”

“So, young man, tell us about this fair and democratic home business plan,” asks King SEO with genuine candor, wishing to sound upbeat after hearing so many losing propositions.

“What is the name of your company?” asks a consultant. “I’ll check out its website like all the others.”

Yumee explains, “The good news is you don’t just isolate a company’s name for a quick flash and slash verdict. The future is not about rehashing yesterday’s choices. It begins with a few deep insights called 5 Stars and Core Beliefs. Once these are undeniably established, then the home business is better understood, accepted; in fact, not to be denied.

I visited a fairy godmother, Fair and Democratic Milly, who said we must create new ways of approaching this problem because the current approach is not working well. We need creative approaches using the ideas and tools that go along with high-level expertise.”

King SEO raises his sandy colored eyebrows, “Yes, I like it — sort of like reverse engineering — changing the mindset before a new transition. Go on, young man, tell us more.”

He smiles, handing out the booklet to him, “First rule, it’s not about what I know — the experts will tell the story for me.”

Before long, the king is eagerly sharing each page causing an energetic discussion with several comments, both conventional and contradictory; but, it is a solid discussion about how to address the weaknesses and utilize the strengths of the network marketing industry and, especially, how to build that anti-disparity bridge.

Of course, everybody is very motivated to zoom into the recommendation that meets these principles. But first they must pass the ROAD MAP and the detour or not to detour sign. There are audible gasps as they open the page to a road map consisting of a straight line and a few labels. Start from where you are and Finish where you want to be.

King SEO is intrigued, musing aloud in his wisdom, “A straight line brilliantly executed is worth more in business that the most complex theories or strategies that can not be executed simply.”

This is especially relevant to People Power based on duplication of marketing plan. What’s simpler than a straight line — the shortest distance between two points. There is no way you can get confused or lost or overworked.”

One-Page Straight-Line Road Map

One consultant exclaims, “BRILLIANT! This is Brilliant! This is a one page business plan from start to finish. Who can honestly say they can’t follow this STRAIGHT LINE!

Another consultant leaps to his feet and pretends he is rowing a boat calling out, “Row, row your boat! Everyone on our team is on the same page, staying on track, rowing in unison!”

They unanimously agree not to disclose the company’s website until people have read the booklet with the recommendation at the end.

All gazes fall on the King to make a decision.

“Yes, let’s try this. Call my online marketing adviser and have him put together a promotional campaign and let’s see what happens. It may be a fantasy at this point, but what are dreams for if not to knock down reality’s door.

In fact, I’m thinking, in a New Age, a revolutionary order is possible. People have to buy into essential core beliefs and industry basics before they can actualize the value of this home business. By denying the company, they are in effect denying the 5 Stars and degrading their personal beliefs. I get it! But will the people get it?

And so as it happens, an aggressive marketing campaign soon appears on the internet by Royal Decree.

HOW 5 Stars and Core Beliefs Make Money Online

Do you find yourself at a crossroads: I want a richer more inspired life. You can follow a complex road. You can spend endless hours worrying about improving your emotional and physical state and financial status. You can continue to set goals about the process of change and your perception of pain or gain.

Or you can plant your feet firmly and say I am good enough, my family deserves to have a fulfilling life. I will acknowledge these five stars:

  • ** I have the right mindset — YES
  • ** I deserve a share of Internet Profits in new Digital Economy — YES
  • ** I am a messenger, say less by sharing a valuable video — YES
  • ** I can follow 3 basic concepts to stop Income Disparity — YES
  • ** I will focus on one total marketing platform to make new contacts and conversations worldwide — YES

Request your 5 STARS AND CORE BELIEFS For Success.

The Road Map will both shock and delight you — it did us.

Then, once you are effectively ready, check out the recommendation at the end — decide to detour or not to detour.

Then let’s communicate about what you want, why you want to make money online, what may be blocking you and how we can help.

And so, as the story goes, it isn’t long thereafter that a flood of curious Common Folk start to respond about how they can make money online with time-honored business principles. They read the booklet, get the Big Picture, and check out the recommended business which meets the criteria with limited objections. They follow the straight line plan to make money online; understandably, some more than others. But they all have a vehicle now to cross the Anti-Disparity Bridge to enjoy Internet Profits with People Power.

Lifetime savings and income benefits are enjoyed. So many Common Folk start to live rich and happily after.

This tale ends but your story is just beginning.

Making Your Decision

The best part about finding an online business that “works,” is that you get to do the things in life you really want to. Take advantage of major internet trends in our economy without the need for technical skills or leadership styles.

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Annemarie Berukoff

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