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How 5 Stars Make Money Online: a Fairy Tale for Networkers … chap. 4

How Common Folk Win Challenge for Fair and Democratic Home Business

“I believe that imagination is stronger than knowledge, myth is more potent
than history, dreams are more powerful than facts, hope always triumphs over experience… Einstein

Chapter 4: 5 Stars and Core Beliefs

The next day after a hearty spinach omelet breakfast, Yumee leaves for home with the booklet clutched in his hand as if it were a bag of gold. It seems his shoes have wings and he reaches home in record time. Nobody is home.

He opens the blue cover and reads the Table of Contents listing 5 Stars and a Road Map to Detour or Not Detour — One Page Plan. Each star is followed by a Core Belief.

This is refreshingly different he thinks — no jumping the gun or losing the grip here. Get your co-ordinates in line first — increase your odds of making money online with Internet Profits.

STAR #1: New Economy Changes in the Digital Age

“The man who comes up with a means for doing or producing anything better, faster or more economically has his future and his fortune at his fingertips.” — John Paul Getty

We know there is great wealth generated with internet participation by companies and individuals — why shouldn’t we get a share? Here’s the enigma: some people become very wealthy; others stay broke all their lives using the same business plan. There must be a better way to change this.

In this New Economy, the transfer of wealth from physical stores to the Internet constitutes the greatest shift of wealth in the history of the world. Large companies like Amazon, eBay and Google are not the only ones who can profit from the the E-Commerce marketplace helping to fulfill what customers want in their shopping experiences: Convenience and Low Cost.

There is a new collaborative marketplace which is basically an online exchange that allows sellers to offer their goods and services, and for buyers to obtain information and purchase offerings directly. The crowd is enabled to get what they need from each other … bypassing corporations.

New technologies will continue to destabilize our established ways of communicating — advertising, public relations, direct mail, customer service, corporate branding and more. Clearly, a number of industries will need to retool in order to adapt to this rise of on-demand, online consumer preferences. Technology has a competitive, deflationary scope where price-comparison becomes universal. Demand for jobs will be substantially reduced, particularly at the lower end of skill sets.

How can independent networkers get positioned in front of today’s digital economy and possible opportunities with digital products from a keyboard? However, the gap between rich and poor, the technical “whizzes” vs the technical “fizzles,” will probably explode even more greatly without the information and right positioning found in this special booklet.

The Great Income Disparity Gap will also only widen. The SOLUTION is to return to basics by offering people a valuable low-cost digital product and income opportunity from home. However, it has to work for the majority of mainstream public … with or without technical expertise.

Check Core Belief #1:

I acknowledge tomorrow’s world will be unimaginably different and those who prepare for it will inherit its abundance. I will harness the power of Internet Technology to work at home with the capabilities of a larger company and expert personnel.

STAR #2: Your Head Needs to Be Right

“The person who is the best prepared and the most knowledgeable makes the most money even though we live in a world of disproportionate rewards.”

Who you are is the sum total of your knowledge, experiences and self-beliefs. But knowledge is useless if your unconscious beliefs obstruct you from reaching what you deserve with no tangible reason other that an idea is new.

Here’s the challenge — Power of Achievement must move beyond Self-belief.

Your self-perception and your inner motives will support your vision or unintentionally sabotage it. You may be thinking that by simply working harder you will make enough money to enjoy a better lifestyle. As an employee, the harder you work to get more money, the more you will be taxed for it. Why not, have money work for you and receive tax returns as a home business? Besides, the company boss who owns the company also makes more profits and probably pays much less taxes than you!

What if, rather than working hard hours for money, you could be working smarter by leveraging the expertise of top professionals with the biggest trends on the internet?

There is no website, marketing system, lead source, or product that will save you. If you don’t get your head where it needs to be, everything else is just a waste of time, money, excuses and broken dreams.

The only thing you can control is your effort. You can put in time to be an expert in whatever you’re doing or you can leverage the expertise of others by sharing their programs. It doesn't even matter how many times you have failed, you only have to get it right once to make a difference in your ability to live in poverty or in wealth.

Most success in anything in life, including marketing, is 90% mental, and 10% mechanical (executing the business). It depends on two common denominators that determine different results:

…How successfully you form new habits

…How successfully you maintain consistent action

It is not necessary to be the loudest speaker on stage, talented copywriter, electric presenter or an abrasive video personality. You may have a limited business background or influential friends but learn to leverage professional teams as the way to multiply your time, energy, assets and money.

Magnetic attractive leaders deserve to be highly respected for their expertise and accomplishments, but don’t expect to emulate them or duplicate their well-honed experiences. Let top dogs work on your behalf for a change! People Power loves Expert Leverage!

Check Core Belief # 2

There are no physical obstacles to stop me … only old habits and lack of new information. A mind once stretched will not return to previous dimensions. I choose not to limit my awareness because true poverty is never reaching your potential.

STAR #3: Be a Messenger not a Sales Person

You get told that the world is the way it is, but life can be much broader once you discover one simple fact; and that is that everything around you that you call life was made up by people no smarter than you. Once you learn that, you’ll never be the same again.” — Steve Jobs

Understand this: “Ability is the poor man’s or woman’s wealth.” Therefore, ability must be measured by simplicity of use in order to filter through the democratic masses. Simplicity also means super-clarity from start to finish to maintain one’s consistent vision and results.

You can be the very best race driver / networker in the world but if you’re not in a basic vehicle that is simple enough for many other “regular” drivers, you’ll never win this special network marketing race.

I Can Do It by Leveraging the Sales Experts

Most businesses are fueled by marketing skills and salesmanship. What if you lack both? You can bypass the sales techniques of charisma, psychology of asking, listening to what is meant vs what is said, leading a conversation, reframing objections, converting and closing a sale. How?

Your “job” is to share the sales expert’s knowledge and vision via video, live webinar or recording. If prospects don’t get the leader’s wisdom, there is little you can add to the decision making. Leverage is never about personal rejection.

Basically, there are TWO alternatives to position yourself if you are looking for a better financial security:

1. TOP of the PYRAMID – Internet Experts with amazing leadership qualifications and credibility

2. BASE of the PYRAMID – Common Folk who can share these amazing experts

Credibility matters … Most customers or business partners are more interested in joining an authority, celebrity or trusted adviser. If your own business experience lacks credible influence, share the masterminds.

Still no interest, it’s not a personal rejection — leadership has been ignored.

Why do you think people ignore or delete the expert without a second thought? Perhaps, some people do not have a Big Picture Overview and an unshakeable foundation to stand on to better change their attitude and gain new insights before starting any business, home or otherwise. How can they “open up” to momentum to participate and innovate with changing markets, customers, competitors and technology.

One way is to spend many years and dollars becoming a credible expert in the field. Another way is to let top experts tell the story on your behalf within the scope of Change and Beliefs. On one hand, a network marketing model can leverage powerful knowledge like this in an open, fair and democratic plan. On the other hand, it is madness to think this networking business will gain public acceptance until we take advantage of what works on a massive, EQUAL scale with shared values and vision.

It is the right time for people to speak up about what works for them from bottom-up not top-down in challenging economic times. No one quits unless they believe they can’t do it. No sane person in their right mind would QUIT on themselves, this industry, and their business if they really believed they are working towards financial resilience.

Check Core Belief #3:

I want to see and feel what true financial freedom feels like with power of leverage and teamwork by sharing an informational video with no critical pieces missing and trained salesmanship required or personal rejection.

STAR #4: Use 3 Network Marketing Basics — an Anti-Disparity Bridge

“Intelligence solves problems and produces money. Money without financial intelligence is money soon gone … it is stupid to know that you have options to improve your financial education, but choose not to do anything about it.” Robert Kiyosaki

The Digital Age is the greatest information and technology revolution in human history across every geographical and socio-economic spectrum. The time is right to properly integrate with the Network Internet Marketing industry. Just keep it fair and democratic so every family can participate!

Not interested in network marketing via bias, bad reputation or encounter. Why not try to improve it?

After all, options to make money are limiting:

…Work for a boss as an employee — hours worked — get paid

…Start your own business from scratch

…Plug into a network marketing company as an independent associate

…Have enough saved money to create more money

Network marketing is a time-proven 60 year old legitimate working model. It is defined as an opportunity for every average family to participate with low entry cost and a little sweat equity to make above average income and financial security.

Universally, the value of any network is doubled with every new person. This is referral marketing at its best. For example, by adding 10 new people to your contact base who follow suit, this increases the value of your personal network a thousand fold.

Traditionally, it is an alternative to retail because you buy directly from the company which also does the heavy work for you … manufacturing, researching, inventory, shipping and accounting. Your “job” is to help market their products or service and get paid a handsome commission for both personal and your team’s residual efforts.

Conceptually, it is brilliant based on the right foundation that until you have a business asset where you can use information tools to expand your time, it is difficult to break the weekly 40 hour income barrier. Do the work right ONE time and get paid OVER and OVER and OVER again. What’s not to like!

Unfortunately, a few unscrupulous operators, like inany other business format, have selfishly misappropriated the format; but based on correct principles it has created many 6 and 7 digit earners using a plan available to every member. Maybe we can make it not so hard after all!

It is the multi-step methodology that is too often misaligned or skewed. You can jump through all the hoops and funnels and all the leads you want, but if certain elements are missing, there will be limited success. The great news is that these elements are simple to address in the Digital Age by applying the 3 basic principles:

Leverage — share information videos by top experts

Duplication of marketing plan — everyone can share marketing plans and one page

Residual income (commissions) — earn from multi-level team or as an independent affiliate

Something to think about the benefits of distributing a single E-Commerce digital product for easier online marketing strategies and compensation… versus…traditional wellness or nutritional products, as effective as they may be; but which may only apply to a certain segment interested in that opportunity, not the general marketplace. Many MLM health products can be purchased on Amazon or eBay for lesser costs and free shipping. There's also a huge educational curve to master in order to value the health benefits vs cheaper alternatives. People will never change their mindsets because you say so but only with long term proof.

Empowering average “Common Folk” to challenge Power Brokers

The Great Income Disparity for Internet Profits will be better resolved with a straight-forward One-Page Marketing Plan — no more, no less — with all critical details in place. All the pieces fit together that are low cost, simple to share and beneficial for marketing strategies of any products or business.

Just think, that this plan will help to build an important Anti-Disparity Bridge so that busy, regular people can cross it in their spare time, part-time or full time using basic networking principles.

CHECK CORE BELIEF #4: I believe that network marketing has a serious role in the greatest transition of wealth between the Industrial Age and the Digital Age. With the right vehicle, it will return to grassroots, free enterprise, and a fair and democratic home business opportunity for every family.

STAR #5: Internet Marketing — One Global Total Marketing Platform

Use ONLINE to connect and OFFLINE to have a conversation. A home business partnership is built on listening to and caring about each other.

There are so many ways to make money online? Affiliate marketing, mobile marketing, apps, software development, book authoring, live events, site flipping, blogging, social media, podcasting, video production, online games, domain sales, auctions, Amazon, info products and member sites are a handful of ways where savvy entrepreneurs can make money with right skills.

However, it’s also no secret that many struggle to make money from the Internet today. No wonder harried online marketers stay broke and time-starved because of Competition and Overwhelm trying to Create Content to Cause Engagement which leads to Conversion. It is mind-numbing … prone to every excuse to stall or spin your wheels or follow the next bright shiny object guaranteed “We Do All the Work!” And then Procrastination and Blame sets in along with lack of productivity and profits.

Bottom line is people don’t fail … systems fail people in network marketing.

More and more independent marketers are realizing “busyness” does not equate to Internet Profits. Do you agree it is time to draw a line in the sand and Stop the Internet Marketing Circus! It is time to Bridge the Great Income Disparity Gap with a program that everyone can do without fuss and muss and this insurmountable learning curve. Focus on the essentials — make them energizing and liberating!

It is advisable to master ONE Total Internet Marketing Platform for global reach as explained by the experts within the scope of 5 Stars: validation of New Economy, positive self-concept, maximum leverage, and long-term residual or affiliate money using true networking principles.

Check Core Belief #5

I can spend an hour daily using the power of professional social media technology to connect to the world’s marketplace to share a proven marketing system for any product. I believe I was born to win. I expect and will prepare to win.

Yumee has now reached the strangest page he thinks.

ROAD MAP: to detour or not to detour

What he sees, truly shocks him. It is an outline of a home business, hand drawn, stark in its simplicity. It is literally a straight line with labels with no essential piece missing. His surprise fades quickly and for a minute, he feels his emotions rising — this is it! What else do I need to know? I have a good grasp of what the 5 Stars represent. I don’t have to waste precious time doing busy things on the internet that will show little value after all.

“I may not understand all the implications, nor do I want to, but I trust my power as a messenger — I can walk this straight line to a better financial security.”

If you’re in the right place at the right time and have a vision to see where a new technology is going, but don’t take action … you’ll never be successful… Without all three components in place, you’re doomed.” Bill Gates

Annemarie Berukoff

How 5 Stars Make Money Online: a Fairy Tale for Networkers


Chapter 1: Internet Credo of Change and Disparity Gap

Chapter 2: Recession, Challenge and Betrayal

Chapter 3: A Different and Influential Discovery

Chapter 4: 5 Stars and Core Beliefs

Chapter 5: The Winning Solution and Challenge

Retired teacher — wisdom of Timely Tools for Changes: self-franchise internet marketing, social media attacks, ecology

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