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How 5 Stars Make Money Online: a Fairy Tale for Networkers … Chapter 1

How Common Folk Win Challenge for Fair and Democratic Home Business

Once upon a time in a Virtual Kingdom called Maerd lives a benevolent ruler by the name of King SEO. He watches over his people compassionately as they seem to live trouble-free lives, more or less content with their status positions, steadily working with strong responsibility ethics, accepting adequate pay checks and enjoying their free time, sparse as that often is, with a two week holiday yearly.

My drawing of King Seo

One day, he notices the advent of a new development called the Computers which soon thereafter usher in the INTERNET — a huge data base capable of analyzing and transmitting virtually limitless bits of data. It isn’t long before enterprising inventors innovate single personal monitors for business and individual use. It isn’t long before these personal monitors begin to appear in homes and schools and people, young and old, begin to access the virtual world.

“How transformational will these virtual tools turn out to be?” wonders King SEO. So, he sets a task force to find out how practical they can be and what potential they offer in affecting the daily lives of people in general.

His trusted advisers soon present him with the Credo of Change for Internet Evolution:

  • ** New Digital Age where everything that can be digitized will be
  • ** A Virtual World where everyone can increase their connections and interdependence
  • ** New disruptions to the Status Quo will be unexpected and adapted to
  • ** Even small changes may have huge impacts where technological isolation is limited
  • ** Affordable smart mobile devices will provide access to basic programs, which in turn, will help equalize opportunities unlimited by geography
  • **The spirit of innovation and fairness may replace local monopolies and minimize income disparities
  • ** May add morality to people’s imagination to see the world as it could be with honesty, respect and dignity without self-serving variables — true People Power

King SEO is pleased and content to let the free market run its course. Such a new landscape would manifest its own governance with leaders and entrepreneurs. A robust economy also means a burgeoning investment and tax expansion.

He gladly passes a law:

People have the right to pursue Happiness and Wealth

on the Internet. No one should feel disenfranchised.

Main requirement: Be prepared to first bypass the

preset conforming factors of the mind to move ahead

into critical new fields.

And so, The Internet Evolution continues to grow organically, exponentially, without much fanfare. The early master pioneers and programmers persist with their working models and soon dominate the virtual landscape.

Business owners, even shepherds and fishermen, see the opportunities to expand their marketplace especially with mobile connectivity to increase their buy-and-sell transactions more efficiently.

Importantly, info-product creators and home-based entrepreneurs see new possibilities … a global “backyard” expanding at their fingertips on the keyboard.

Of course, home-based network marketing companies also view this vast potential of marketing their products worldwide. Early marketers soon set up replicated opt-in websites with all the bells and whistles to attract both customers and business partners. Hours and hours are spent sending emails and posting articles, banners and text ads among the multitudes waiting for that hopeful sign-up who manages to automatically find what he is looking for. And very little happens, except for a few skilled pioneering marketers.

Anytime there is a common problem, there appears a solution.

This time it starts with a massive advertising campaign by a former fast food clerk by the name of Marvelous Max. It seems his message appears endlessly on computer screens everywhere

How You Can Literally have An Endless New Stream Of Customers…

Knocking Down Your Door; Credit Card In Hand, Ready To Buy … Automatically …

Without making one single cold-call …

Without having to hassle your friends, family and neighbors …

And without spending ANY money.

The fastest and easiest way to make money today is simply to “position” yourself so only the hottest, most qualified prospects come to you (and ONLY YOU).

You must build your traffic engine and your qualified lists.

My Drawing of Online Power Players vs Com mon Folk

It isn’t long before a general feeling of malaise arises where the Internet Profits Law is monopolized by the rich and powerful with huge spheres of influence and technical staffs — not the average part-time home-based business networker.

But fueled by the promise of a better life, many keep churning on obsessively, trying to manage several programs instead of one solid enterprise. It is a fast and furious Wild West Show, an unregulated smorgasbord — try all kinds of matrix flavors and hope that one is deliciously lucrative enough to linger for awhile.

For many, it becomes a desperate whirlwind and compulsion to take another training … click on another buy button … try another affiliate wonder hack … unlimited guarantees … hot-seat tailor-made archives … sales funnels to die for … social technical support for life … purge huge amounts of head trash in a matter of minutes … a typical pitch:

Turn One Time Payment $18 Into Thousands! It’s Fun, Fast and Simple!


No SELLING!…No Rejection!…No FAILURE!…No Experience Required!

The Great Income Disparity Gap between the top online marketers with their burgeoning resources and tenured positions versus the Common Folk with limited time and money to master internet marketing only grows ever wider and longer.

As it turns out — the Economic Forces themselves set the stage and it takes a royal challenge and a simple solution by a home spun folk hero to make all the difference in the new Golden Age of Abundance.

Annemarie Berukoff

How 5 Stars Make Money Online: a Fairy Tale for Networkers


Chapter 2: Recession, Challenge and Betrayal

Chapter 3: A Different and Influential Discovery

Chapter 4: 5 Stars and Core Beliefs

Chapter 5: The Winning Solution and Challenge

Retired teacher — wisdom of Timely Tools for Changes: self-franchise internet marketing, social media attacks, ecology

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