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How 5 Stars Make Money Online: a Fairy Tale for Networkers … Prologue

“It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change.” Charles Darwin

Fairytales are “stories that try to find the truth and give us glimpses of greater things” Marina Warner, Once Upon a Time: A Short History of Fairy Tale

I have always wanted to write a fairy tale as an avid child reader of fairy tales. There is something about a fairy tale that involves more than magic, legendary deeds and more than fantastical characters like elves, fairies, witches and dragons. They seem to offer an undercurrent of “truth” as a form of reversal to expectations, a social protest by the underdog, a resistance to convention where dreams can come true.

So, at one time, as a networker entering the internet marketing arena what could possibly be a better topic than network marketing where resistance to convention could make dreams come true for an under dog. Along the way, lessons are learned and morals passed on.


Only decades old, imagine how this internet powerhouse has inexorably permeated our culture and personalities into almost every facet of our working and playing environments. What if a new folklore can also develop … not unlike old folklore where mighty forces, kings, mysteries and great rewards were found; and where the little folk hero survived and excelled, won the challenge with good common sense against all odds and lived happily ever after.

This fairy tale will go beyond crowd mentality and personal deniability. It will offer a common expression so basic that it can captivate every motivated individual almost like a magic key for all transitions because once this belief is in place, it will then open the door of opportunity for anyone to use at their mindset.

This tale refers to internet connectivity, domination by a few power brokers, the Great Income Disparity Gap in the Age of Abundance, the fair and democratic challenge, and the Common Folk solution.

The theme rings loud and clear that the internet has democratized content, and given a voice to those who otherwise may not have had one to express their thoughts and ideas. Why not offer a game changer to internet business success with a one-page straight-line road map IF there were no critical pieces missing? What if we could materialize this fantasy into reality? Such simple actions… such common sense … doing what comes naturally … sharing a valuable tool.

This tale will touch the nerve of every person who believes our basic human instinct is to be as successful as we dream to be; but, has yet to find the right road. Life isn’t fair; but, it helps to improve our advantages when we can plug into major online trends and work with a mastermind.

Of course, every fairy tale needs a Fair and Democratic Fairy godmother.

Her name is Milly Mainly who lives with Common Folk in a small town enjoying family, friends and financial freedom. Her teaching career served her well in setting professional standards. She understands the Big Picture of business strategies to profit from huge trends and new web evolution for mainstream participation.

Her experience helps to address the main reason that may stop people from finding success even when obvious benefits are too quickly passed by. The feeling of fear arises — the fear of making the wrong choice, getting burned, making a mistake and having to explain the decision to a spouse or business partner. It’s easier to maintain protection of your comfort zone — even if taking a one-page roadmap may protect your financial status and security of your family.

Perhaps she can sprinkle some fairy dust on your path to see a new way and day to get to the things you really want. At least, you will see that your history doesn’t have to interfere with your destiny. At least, you will be able to ask relevant questions, determine your needs, and address the options about making money online from home.

If Five Stars works in a fairy tale why can’t the same principles work in reality? Are You Ready To Imagine Reality through Fantasy …Change a Couple Steps and Regain control?

Introductory letter from Fairy Godmother Milly Mainly:

To Everyone who has ever wondered about the other side of wealth and freedom,

Remember this, that despite your position now, almost all big change, almost all important movements do not get launched on a huge stage by loud people, or on the front page or a reality show. It could be from a popular booklet about core beliefs like this.

Because what really matters is that every person should be able to meet their potential whatever that is. It is not about how rich, beautiful, connected or talented you may be … the internet has leveled the field for everyone and social media has given all of us an independent voice. You deserve to participate, be heard and compensated.

No, the stuff that changes everything starts with a few players who capture the imagination of a dozen or so, who share the message with friends or associates, and then it’s a hundred and then it becomes organic and unstoppable.

The undivided principles are here. You can choose to deny or defy them. But remember that the common expression for all transitions is to bypass critical factors of the mind.

Just because it has never been explained so simply, doesn’t mean it isn’t based on sound time proven principles and new economy strategies. Of course, no one has done it this way before. That’s why it is a Game-Changer, if you choose to run with it using word-of- mouth recommendations … still the most powerful marketing tool in the world.

When a true breakthrough appears in the network marketing arena, you may see that the power brokers may criticize it because it deflates their agendas, but it doesn’t mean that the masses can not embrace it as their KEY to internet success minus technical expertise and endless time, money and wasted resources.

We must create new ways of making money online because the current approach is not working well for the general entrepreneurs. We need creative approaches using the ideas and tools that go along with high-level expertise. It is the right time to cross over the Great Income Disparity Gap by building a bridge that is easy to cross which will only get better with time and necessity.

I hope you choose to hold these five stars and core beliefs in your hand. Perhaps, you may have some doubts and questions about adapting to so many changes in the virtual world. Let the experts explain what extraneous details you may still feel you need to know.

I hope you will trust your brightness and boldness so you can realistically consider and commit to a home business. Missing one star opens up an escape hatch, or two, through which your great potential and dreams can drain — like rain into the sand of analysis.

Without Five Stars? Let’s face it. Job security just does not exist anymore.

Even with slow improvements in the economy, there are far more qualified candidates out there than there are good jobs. The next internet Gold Rush is here to usher in the Age of Abundance with or without us.

Do you even know what it is at this stage? In other words, experts tell us that the Digital Age has ushered in a “new world order.” The society we hoped would sustain us, is changing rapidly where the old rules of retirement, work, and success are pretty much irrelevant.

In other words, you need to be your own best friend and hero. Know your values. FIGHT with all your strength and willpower to show that you deserve a better life by embracing change and thriving from it. Don’t settle for less. Live intentionally. Enjoy financial stability within the digital economy with an evolved unique opportunity. Show me anything more timely and lucrative.

It is fair and democratic value for every person. You can do this ONE PAGE PLAN!

Your Fair and Democratic Home Business Fairy Godmother ,

Milly Mainly

Former network marketer and fairy believer,

Annemarie Berukoff

How 5 Stars Make Money Online: a Fairy Tale for Networkers

Chapter 1: Internet Credo of Change and Disparity Gap

Chapter 2: Recession, Challenge and Betrayal

Chapter 3: A Different and Influential Discovery

Chapter 4: 5 Stars and Core Beliefs

Chapter 5: The Winning Solution and Challenge

People will usually do in reality what they have seen themselves do in their minds. Heroes make us see grand possibilities. First we see it, then we do it…Michael Drewrally.

Retired teacher — wisdom of Timely Tools for Changes: self-franchise internet marketing, social media attacks, ecology

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