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How Can a Brief Big Picture of Digital Marketing Help Your Online Success?

Maybe you have no life, like so many entrepreneurs. Well, I’ll let you in on a secret. You’re whipping a dead horse. Trying to squeeze blood out of turnip. Because even if you’re working at your peak…you can’t reach anywhere NEAR your potential from “here”…”here” being your current mental operating system…Perry Marshall

There is nothing better than to stand at the top of hill and view the landscape below to better plot a safer journey. Now imagine this is a digital landscape that many of us individuals have wandered frenetically at times over a couple decades … sometimes with the fearful attack of the Overload fed by midnight toil to master some part of digital marketing.

Personally, my biggest regret as a network marketer was wasting so much time and resources to try and make a stand against voracious marketing giants that only consolidated their control.

So, once in awhile, you come across a marketing blog and website that stops you in your tracks, shot with wide awake awareness. It gives you a chance to take better aim at the history of digital marketing and think twice about how to best fit into the current Big Picture.

First, the 5 phases of technological development are outlined as an info-graph.

1994–2000 DISCOVERY and INVENTION — new technology arises to benefit industry or large enough to change society’s norms.

2001–2009 PROLIFERATION — “gold rush” wild west of technology; growth of Word Press, Social Media, You Tube, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

2010–2014 STANDARDIZATION — many companies and products in economy, government and industry think of creating regulations for everyone’s benefit. Google Slap happened here and some marketers called it “a giant flaming pile of poop.”

2015–2019 CONSOLIDATION — smaller companies are overtaken, industry is becoming controlled by a handful of dominant companies; traffic costs rise, conversion and engagement are down.

2019 — INNOVATION and DISRUPTION — companies continue to innovate the technology or become stagnant and will have a harder time competing with a new player who comes on stage and starts to disrupt the status quo.

So, what is your viewpoint? You are standing in the middle of a 2020 online marketplace landscape now. What are you trying to market…business, products, webinars, entrepreneurship, professional services, retail, home business, etc. Then, how do you deal with this metamorphosing, gargantuan online marketing system or do you even have a fair chance in “playing the game?”

How do you take advantage of simplification, deconstruction and reinvention?

Two Self-Corrections

First, acknowledge changes.

Remember, you’re playing a money game in virtual space in competition with some of the toughest, smartest, richest players like Google, Facebook, etc. Experts now point to the fact that 5% of the players get 95% of the rewards. And the remaining 95% of the players divide up the other 5%.

“The odds will only increase with information overload, adding stress and anxiety to the already confused brain between credible and non-credible facts especially if viewed without context. “Analysis Paralysis” sets in with just reasons to avoid risk because your experience has shown what it takes to make a footprint in this hyper-active virtual reality (excerpt from The Self Franchise Report)

Second, learn to leverage Business Expertise

Let the top marketing professionals present a powerful message to attract the right mindset and offer the right business marketing solutions to prospects.

Because, basically, nothing you can say will make a difference if the experts aren’t appreciated.

If they see the value, they will be pleased to participate.

If they miss the value, they will look elsewhere … their choice.

One Opportunity as a Self-Franchise Affiliate Marketer

Why not plug into a successful mastermind’s professional marketing skills to help adapt to Change and Leverage his Expertise?

As a self-franchise marketer there is no need to chase people with more information, absorbing your precious time. No need for fragments here and there: emails, webinars, conference calls, autoresponders or sell funnels to find conversions. New trainings on site show to dominate your choice of business.

It’s all covered in One Program made specific to your business.

… prospects try out a free 14 day trial. If they see the benefits, they start a low monthly subscription for marketing prerequisites … landing pages, SMS, training webinars, contact manager, etc. If not, they continue with what they are doing now or search for alternatives.

This program can help to set up your own simple marketing system, as well as how to build an additional income stream with less effort. Importantly, as an Affiliate, you will become a 50/50 partner in a thriving multi-million dollar leads and marketing tools business!

“What’s better than 50/50 of a mega business, you ask? Well, all the costs and fees of doing business will come out of our end. You get all the upside, “ David Dubbs, marketing mastermind.

If this idea of being a self-franchised affiliate marketer sounds interesting, check out the The Self Franchise Report that explains how all the pieces fit together to be an innovative and disruptive marketing force unto yourself.

Or you can specifically check the marketing plans for one of these industries: Travel, Weight Loss, Forex, Bitcoin, Making Money/Affiliate,Credit Repair, Click-bank, and CBD Oils.

Remember you can take a 14 day free tour to see how this affiliate company can benefit your online marketing goals.

There is always need for new tools that give direction and resources for success in the digital marketplace for every person with or without technical skills with no critical details missing. In fact, If you have a plan or a tool to help the masses how to market…fortunes will be made by helping so many others. (excerpt from Self Franchise Report)

Questions and comments are welcome, especially if they come from the base after reading The Self-Franchise Report. How much of this history is part of your personal story, too?


Annemarie Berukoff … The Self-Franchise Entrepreneur

Read a personal story about taking a leap of maturity into online marketing today

Retired teacher — wisdom of Timely Tools for Changes: self-franchise internet marketing, social media attacks, ecology

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