How to Build Strong Healthy Cells with the Optimum Biological Fuel

Better to keep your health than try to fix it

Today the modern field of bio-science studies the biology, structure and behavior of living organisms, humans, animals and plants in the physical world.

The good news is we are learning more about how human cells have evolved from specialized whole food chemistry. Healthy cells have normal biochemistry based on proper nutrients present in the right ratio and balance. Unhealthy cells develop because they lack vital nutrients creating abnormal biochemistry or metabolism.

First, realize that 95% of your body is composed of 5 macro elements …Hydrogen, Oxygen, Nitrogen, Potassium and Sulfur.

70% of your body is water, molecules of H2 and O.

It’s interesting to note that your body is composed of elements entirely of the Earth. Is this the foundation on which humans can maintain their biology through an affinity with natural whole food plants?

What exactly is biological fuel from natural whole food ?

This fuel contains carbohydrates, proteins, fats, fatty acids, and vitamins which are all organic based on CARBON compounds. This explains why plants are your only source for vitamins and minerals … your cells do not manufacture them and they must be obtained from food. It’s interesting to note that plant cells need many of the same elements for growth as human cells: namely, carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, phosphorous, potassium, calcium, magnesium and all the trace minerals.

Essential minerals make up about 4% of the body known as macro-minerals, micro- minerals as well as all the trace minerals.

Note, however, that all the vitamins in the world have no benefit if your body is deficient in minerals. Some scientists believe that every sickness can be traced to a mineral deficiency.

Logically, if plants are our source of biological fuel, you can deduct that health begins in the soil. If plants are grown on “sick”, demineralized, malnourished soil, then “sick” plants don’t absorb them, and in a domino effect, our cells are malnourished.

If your diet lacks a full spectrum of minerals, it is important to supplement; but, make sure your mineral supplements come from plants, not ground up rock or metals that can actually accumulate in body tissues.

What exactly is a Vitamin?

A vitamin is defined as an organic compound essential for normal growth and nutrition in the diet because they cannot be synthesized by the body. 13 essential vitamins are identified.

For years I thought that a pill would suffice as a dietary supplement. Then I realized that vitamin pills don’t grow on plants. I wanted a simple diagram of a vitamin composed of the elements: Carbon, Hydrogen, Oxygen.

Write and circle these capital letters:


Join these letters together with lines and you have made a typical formula for a vitamin. You can check out actual formulas for all the vitamins by searching the internet for vitamin structures. The complexity of these structures is impressive which begs the question how best to replicate them for dietary supplementation through a manufacturing process or keep them as natural forms found in plants already.

Other components of high grade fuel

Essential essential amino acids are building blocks of protein used in the growth, repair and maintenance of tissues. Approximately ½ of the non-water mass of the human body is protein. Each protein molecule tends to be a longer chain made up of smaller molecules called amino acids. Eleven amino acids are made by the body but nine essential amino acids must be obtained from food

Make sure your fuel contains fats and fatty acids. Not all fats are bad … some are your best metabolic friends. Different fats have different lengths but all are made from carbon and hydrogen. Fats have a structural and functional role. They form a double layer membrane that surrounds each cell.

Two essential fats your body can’t make which must be obtained from food are omega 6 and omega 3. These fats are one of the most serious deficiency problems, especially Omega 3.

Optimum Fuel builds and protects strong cells

Your hand and mouth have the control buttons for biology … for good food choices; not bad food choices.

“Every year over 97% of your body is completely replaced, even the structure of the DNA of your genes, reconstructed entirely from the nutrients you eat. The quality of those nutrients determines the quality of your renewed cellular structure, the level at which it can function and its resistance to disease.” (Dr. Colgan: The New Nutrition 1995, page 78)

Deductively, the quality of these nutrients determines the quality of your renewed cellular structures.

Metaphorically, it is your choice to build your cellular foundation like a straw hut or a house of bricks. Superior nutrients will build stronger “Cadillac” cells and like “soldiers” they will defend against unwanted factors.

Before you order the next extra Large Gulp or French fries, remember your choice of food nutrients may take a year to be replaced out of your system.

Picture your choice of food contains either “good guy” or “bad guy” nutrients that will either nurture or injure your cells. Here are just a handful of samples:

… the amount of carbohydrates (sugars and starches) you eat will affect how much insulin is needed to transfer the blood sugars into cells for use as energy. Your body continues to secrete insulin until the blood sugar returns to normal.

… ingesting trans fat (hydrogenated oils) will cause the double membranes surrounding each cell to turn rigid and inflexible thereby impeding nutrient flow in and waste removal out.

… the lack of a simple trace mineral, chromium, will not allow carbohydrates to break down properly and activate insulin sensitivity

… another trace mineral, selenium, is one of four critical factors in the body’s anti-oxidant defense system necessary for controlling disease-causing free radicals.

BIO-NUTRITION … learn this important meaning

Good nutrition is fundamental to good health. Good health is based on nutrition, a complex system requiring a total balance of macro-nutrients and micro-nutrients in correct amounts and synergy.

“It is…one of the key factors in maintaining human optimum growth and development, structure and function, immune system competence, prevention and management of disease states, as well as the establishment of a healthful lifestyle with optimum fitness and health.” (Dr. Laz Bannock: Introduction to Nutrition and Health, 2001)

We eat food as fuel with natural biochemicals that become the actual components of our cellular structures, function, and immune system protection. Next time, you look at a fruit or vegetable, or a donut for that matter; think about how their nutrients would interact with your cells.

Speculate in an interesting way, that food can also be viewed as an evolution or natural selection. Scientists note that our human genome (DNA) is similar to humans that lived 40,000 years ago surviving on a Paleo diet.

If the hunter-gather time-line is 24 hours long, our present diet is about one minute long. It is estimated now that 50 to 70 % of our dietary foodstuffs are alien to the human genome.

Bio-nutrition means that cells need essential micro-nutrients daily to provide metabolic energy, bodybuilding and protection against damage or disease. Bio-scientists now say that healthy cells need 100 micro-nutrients a day in right ratios. Scientific evidence verifies that many diseases are preventable through proper nutrition. See Index, preface and disclaimer.

Write a simple poster and post it on the fridge:


Your comments are always welcome to add to our healthy experiences.

Annemarie Berukoff


For thousands of years sage has been used in connection with sprains, swelling, ulcers, and bleeding. As a tea, sage has been taken to alleviate sore throats and coughs. Herbalists have also used it for rheumatism, upset stomachs, memory improvement, menstrual bleeding, and sharpening the senses.

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