How to Fix Leads and Sales Training Problems in 3 Industry-Shifting Ways for Networkers with Friends

You cannot control the national economy … you can only control your own personal economy. Peter Mingils

Annemarie Berukoff
4 min readJun 11, 2023


A recent comment from a LinkedIn groups director made me question my promotion of a new network marketing affiliation and may help your advertising efforts as well.

She noted this:

When we create marketing content, let’s stop talking about our products and focus on how we solve problems.

ADVICE: Use 3 steps to write content that people want to learn about.

ONE: Start with a question that is relevant to your customer and their problem

How well are you managing your supply of business leads that convert to sales and customers?

Opt-in leads are vital to your business cashflow but what is the best way to access them versus some common practices such as 7 ways to generate business opportunity leads?

TWO: Explanation what causes the problem ... 3 Facts



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