How Will a Selfie Mother Treat Her Selfie Children … So Many Serious Questions Crying For Answers

“Social media lets narcissists make a perfect picture of themselves, edit it, doctor it, throw it online and watch the stream of potentially global social approval. It’s the narcissist’s perfect tool,” Kyle Nash, psychologist Neuroscience.

Annemarie Berukoff
5 min readJan 10, 2021

Just think, only a couple of decades have passed since Cellphones have become natural extensions to being personal and social … especially young teen girls who became quickly enamored with Selfies; immature and susceptible to flattery and self-affirmation. Now, current studies clearly show the impact of cell phones on physical health, mental health and relationships. Now, these teen selfies have grown into young millennials and the question is if their selfie lifestyle and inspirations have any residual effects especially for their children.

How do selfie mothers draw a line between themselves and their adoption of many of the selfie tendencies for their children?

Are they committed to an adult non-selfie lifestyle or will their children be incorporated into the world-wide web based on selfie standards?

Can Selfies become a Narcissistic Addiction?

On one hand, there are two main reasons to post selfies:

…want to feel more positive about oneself, gain more attention or even to show off

…compete with other to get more “likes” on social media mostly based on subjective conformity

On the other hand, selfies can provide social validation without any authentic engagement or meaningful relationships with real people or society in general. They may cause problems in many personal areas such as work, school and emotional instability if special favors or admiration are not received.

Selfies can become addictive if they become measures of self-worth to overcome low self-esteem. Each new “like me” is a dopamine spike to get more positive attention. Each delete is a disappointment to self-esteem. Some may be particularly sensitive to exclusion which…



Annemarie Berukoff

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