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Index for Timely Tale for Teen Girl Faces Time in the Sand: Struggles, Regrets and Survival on Social Media with a Superpower Tool

Who doesn’t have a daughter, sister or know a young teenage girl who seems attached to her cell phone, but who is really on the leash? Who is leading whom?

There is no doubt that adolescence is a time of identity formation, social comparison, and mental development, but what happens when a dominant, changing culture imposes adult norms with no rules or limitations?

This e-book for teenage girls offers two answers: How can we stop social media from taking advantage of a rash and brash teenage brain still in development to avoid making wrong choices? How can young teenage girls respect their own personal offline time as more important than their online screen time to break the serious habit of Selfie conditioning and too much wasted time on social media?

Why Teen Girls Need More Altruism on Social Media if Humanity Matters

How to Script Teen Reality Series about Drugs with Social Media Antagonists …Action

With Respect for Imperfect Girls Make Perfect Role Models — Important New Book for Teen Girls

How to Stop Children’s Adultification on Social Media and Return to Normal Play Development

How Today’s Social Media Lost Trust and Found Violence…Time to Opt Out?

No Teen Girl Needs Acids or Poisons to Pose on Social Media

How Will a Selfie Mother Treat her Selfie Children … So Many Serious Questions Crying for Answers

How to Put the 10 Pieces of a Selfie Story for an Anti-Selfie Rebuttal for Teen Girls

One Assumption Allowed at the Crossroads for Teen Girls on Social Media

Why Teens May Need a Circus Clown Face as the Right Social Media Symbol

Two Problems and the Biggest Challenge of Choices in Representing Time to Teenagers

Do Parents or Teens Dare to Enter the New World of YouTube Fan Fiction?

My Disagreement with Dr. Phil on Today’s Social Media Cinderella with a Pivot Point

How Beauty and Mob Mentality Rule Teen Girls on YouTube Videos

Let’s Celebrate How Iceland Deals with Teens Problems with Mandated Offline Self-Discovery

Stunning New Facts about Mental Health Conditions Among Teenagers from the World Health Organization

How to Counter Teen Cell Phone Addiction — 10 steps or 1 step Personal Mindset

Let’s Turn a Sad Confirmation about Adolescent Brain Research on Social Media into 4 serious Call-outs

What about the Boyfriend in a Closet and the Biggest Question for Dr. Phil?

Four Ways to Monitor Teens Social Media Time Plus an New Gold Standard Mindset

What if There is One Common Value All Teen Girls Can Learn to Manage on Social Media?

How a Tree is an Essential Metaphor of Culture for Teenagers to Contemplate

Check Kindle E-book:

Excerpt: “Thinking back, there is no training on how to deal with changes in technology when my brain’s biology remains unchanged. A teenager is still young, still curious, still wants to be liked, feel attractive, praised and rewarded again and again.

They buy into the electronic Hall of Mirrors where everyone is watching and comparing themselves, trying to find some piece of wisdom in a crowd or mob, not sure how not to stop suckling from an alternative reality not their own.” Excerpt from the Teen Girl Faces Time in the Sand book”

50% of books sale will go towards youth and rehabilitation centers. Beneficiaries and accounting will be shown at the end of year.

Annemarie Berukoff

Retired teacher — wisdom of Timely Tools for Changes: self-franchise internet marketing, social media attacks, ecology

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