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Index of Phytonutrition Articles for Wellness Lifestyle by Annemarie Berukoff

The human body is a miracle of nanotechnology that far exceeds the advances of modern science. The good news is that nutritional science is unfolding new discoveries in cellular nutrition and the wonders of natural healing. Science cannot create life. Only life can complement life.

There is a world of education that needs to open for consumers. They must be able to visualize a miracle of a single cell, basic structures and functions. They must equally visualize what happens to the cell when encountering “good guy nutrients” or faced with “bad guy nutrients.” The human body is programmed to live a healthy life, but unhealthy lifestyles bring pain and financial gain to big business who thrive on treating diseases, with or without cures.

What if there is a better way to follow wellness principles for preventative health care when you’re technically not sick?

PREFACE: I became a certified supplement distributor from The Institute of Cellular Nutrition, a two year program with Dr. Laz Bannock. What I learned about nutrition in reference to cellular health has changed my perspective about how food makes a difference in maintaining health especially in the aging process. Many better decisions were made about good nutrition as a complex system requiring a total balance of macro-nutrients and micro-nutrients for growth, development, and immune system competence.

For the first first time, new words were researched like phytonutrient and bioflavanoid as part of Nature’s pharmacological benefits. With more knowledge came more realization that scientists were just starting to cope with nature’s pharmacy, trying their best to classify thousands of phytochemicals. The dozen or so identifiable vitamins were just a tiny part of the composition of plants and their nutritional benefits.

The next few articles will introduce some primary food facts that amazed and transformed my thinking about Nature’s nutritional powerhouse and it is my hope they might just do the same for you.

Reasons to Look at Health Care From a Wellness Perspective at a Cellular Level

Is your Food Friend or Foe? You May be Overfed but Undernourished

How to Build Strong Healthy Cells with the Optimum Biological Fuel

Welcome to the Traditional Power of Whole Plant Foods

How to Protect Your First Line of Defense Natural Immunity and Right Dietary Supplements

You Are What You Eat — How to Avoid Enemy Food Attacks with 10 Valuable Good Food Environment

111 Reasons to Plug Into Powerful Plant Nutrients for Powerful Natural Health

Five Sad Commentaries about Our Food System Asking to Justify Nutritional Supplementation

So Many Questions about Your Vitamin Supplements You Didn’t Know What to Ask

10 Minute Compendium of Healing Foods for Healthy Living for Everyone

Special Kitchen Pharmacy with Spices and Herbs as Nutritional Powerhouses with 5 Applications

In Praise of the Greatest Landscape of All — the Invisible Miracle of Your Human Cell

Obesity: An Unwanted Epidemic and Invasion in 2 Acts and 12 Easy Steps

A Worrisome Reflection of People at a Check Out Stand with 3 Tough Health Challenges

Why Fake Meat is Junk Food for Health and Environment with Tasty Private Profits

Multiple Threats of Farm-Raised Fish against Health, Environment, Wild Salmon and False Marketing

Butter, Butter Everywhere with Crucial Cholesterol Minus Margarine’s Bad Trans Fats

Disclaimer: The information herein is based on personal research and judgment and should not be considered as health care treatment or advice. It is an educational journey that has transformed personal understanding and accepting responsibility for one’s own wellness integrity. Readers should consult appropriate health care professionals in matters relating to health or well-being.

Retired teacher — wisdom of Timely Tools for Changes: self-franchise internet marketing, social media attacks, ecology

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