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Let’s Make the Case for Cellular Nutrition with Preventative Healthy Choices … 4 Breakthroughs

Once you lose your health no amount of money will restore it.

Annemarie Berukoff
5 min readOct 29, 2023



I became a certified supplement distributor from The Institute of Cellular Nutrition, a two year program with Dr. Laz Bannock. What I learned about nutrition in reference to cellular health has changed my perspective about how food makes a difference in maintaining health especially for self-immunity and the aging process.

The more I understood about cellular synergy, the better decisions followed about good nutrition as a complex system requiring a total balance of macro-nutrients and micro-nutrients for growth, development, and immune system competence.

ONE: For the first time, I understood the difference between two kinds of diseases:

Infectious diseases are caused by infections … something you catch “like a bug,” an outside virus, bacteria, or microbe.

These are best treated with a handy drug or medications to kill the invaders. Modern medicine does a great job along with treating trauma situations.

Cellular degenerative diseases are caused when cells become sick because they lack proper nutrition for growth and healthy regeneration, not because they lack a certain drug.

Degeneration results when your very own cells no longer absorb adequate nutrients or eliminate waste properly. These patterns of symptoms or metabolic disorders are compounded over a long period of time. It’s as if your own cells are “warring with each other.” There are at least 70 degenerative diseases for which there are limited cures outside of proper nutrition.

TWO: I began to understand the universal power of one cell.

Each individual cell is a living unit that constructs your well-being multiplied by 75 to 100 million trillion cells that coordinate our genetic blueprint. They are molecular biochemical factories integrated into every major system, programmed for…



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