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How Our Innovative Program is Changing the Industry

Annemarie Berukoff
3 min readJul 3, 2023


Any kind of business entrepreneurship requires top degrees of management, employee support, adequate funding, cash flow and innovation for change.

Common reasons that majority of small businesses fail are lack of financing, poor team players, a faulty or inadequate business model and ineffective marketing ability.

All these reasons can be applied to the MLM home business industry with a few more specific reasons for failure such as impractical ‘get rich’ anticipations, lack of obligation to treat as a business, miss essential knowledge of networking principles, set goals but not sure of concrete action steps so hesitation and analysis prevail.

But the outstanding factor remains that MLM Network Marketing Home Business residual income model has proven fruitfully successful for a few 7 and 8 figure earners for decades; so, how can it be made to work for others in modern times?

Now, technically, it’s the right time to change the industry and provide essential tools, training and other critical factors for success. There is no reason to fail with a concrete plan for brick-by-brick blueprint of a dream home business.

Time to Draw or Read a Home Business Plan into Action

Visual thinking via diagrams or pictures is invaluable to defining, explaining and organizing any set of concepts.

To that end, here is drawing of a plan that outlines a new binary networking business called We Got Friends

Two Open ended Questions:

  1. How many ways is WGF different from your current marketing plan?
  2. Does your company provide Real Time Leads at no extra cost?

Read More Home Business Advantages with We Got Friends

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Annemarie Berukoff

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