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Ode to 7 Questions to a War Monger

Annemarie Berukoff
1 min readMar 3, 2022


Who gave you permission to unleash the bowels of hell on earth

To invade, murder, subjugate and disrupt international law?

Do you watch with glowering eyes and slavering ego,

As ravenous rockets bomb a young family in their car at their home?

Do you remember, shamelessly, you were once a husband

And father playing with your daughters how to avoid nightmares?

Do you relate a mid-winter road of homeless refugees, hungry, cold,

To a long convoy with barbaric, prohibited weapons of annihilation?

Do you pray to a God for atonement of your lies and mass murders

But what God or conscience is indifferent to your subhuman monstrosities?

Do you dream as saviour with superior genetics and fascist ideology

To glut on others’ freedoms, screwing democracy into bloodier ground?

Do you regard hell’s other war hounds…Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Kim?

The mark of the beast is yours as the whole world condemns your evil.

Annemarie Berukoff

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Annemarie Berukoff

Retired teacher — Affiliate Marketer, Big Picture Wisdom, author 4 e-books: social media teens, eco-fiction ecology