Power of Perception When Dealing with Business Changes … 5 Steps

The old road is rapidly aging … Please get out of the new one if you can’t lend your hand … For the times, they are a-changing — Bob Dylan

I think we can relate to ONE event or IDEA that changed the order of how we understand or view the world in general. For me it was reading a book in college called The Intelligent Eye by R.L. Gregory published in 1970. His premise went in-depth about major findings of how the brain first senses and processes language and thought. What the eye sees as primary perception is the first intelligent step in seeing objects, symbols or functions which makes a connection to secondary language with concepts or thoughts.

As a new teacher this was a break through. I could help children learn by first looking carefully at the physical world … objects, actions, pictures, and symbols and then use words as a secondary record of their observations … the more details you see, the more you organize, the more you have to communicate.

So what happens when the eyes look at something?

Light waves reflect off the object, pass through the lens, stimulate the rods and cones on the retina, send electrical signals along the optic nerve through a relay station to the visual cortex. From here nerve transmissions are sent to the frontal cortex for interpretations of feelings, actions and words in the language center.

This is how cognitive schemas ( cognition) are built where concepts are formed based on standard sets of data or definitions as the basis for what we learn. Therefore, perceptual thinking is the primary ability to extract information from the environment as a result of experience also called conceptual learning if based on feedback.

For example, you hear the word cat and everyone will have a different perception of a feline form even including various surroundings or actions. However, if I give you an image of a cat, which I won’t, then everyone will have the same understanding … which can be limiting.

What happens when standard concepts are no longer feasible?

How do we make any new decisions, whether business or otherwise?

Basically, our Cognition is challenged … what we know, how we understand reality as perceived, how we use language, reasoning, and problem solving to make reasonable decisions for the situation may no longer have application.

In today’s business world of a New Economy on Demand, people are facing profound, unprecedented changes in offline and online marketplaces, consumer demands, advertising costs, branding expertise and entrepreneurship opportunities.

All you have is your cognitive network as the basis of making a decision. As a consumer you choose a course of action based on certain criteria and evaluation: a need or problem … information … evaluation of alternatives …purchase decision … purchase … and post purchase evaluation.

However, what happens when your experienced cognitive networks or Cognitive Schemas are faced with the reality of CHANGE?

How do you take yesterday’s comprehension to make viable decisions for tomorrow? Five steps:

  1. Pay attention to different kinds of adaptations, some of which can be managed to better integrate into the Digital Economy.
  2. Avoid fixed assumptions and block-bust concepts by looking at new variables involved with transition and People Power on the internet.
  3. Learn from the value of experience to avoid the biggest online marketing blunders.
  4. Accept and use the true business power called Leverage of the Experts.
  5. Be realistic about what it takes to find your Internet Core Identity Potential.

Is Internet Marketing the Right Time to be a Self-Franchised Entrepreneur?

A franchise opportunity is a method for a company to expand its business to distribute goods and services with independent agents by providing them with an operating system, brand and support.

A self-franchised entrepreneur is an individual affiliate who can also offer an operating system, brand and support from a marketing mastermind.

This marketing niche may be considered a radical leap by some, but it may well be the return to networking basics, respect for its principles, and a fair playing ground for every marketer.

Decision-making is a fundamental process of the brain … use its divergent thinking skills in the greatest wealth transition in history.

The Self-Franchise Report

Your comments and discussion are always welcome. Have you had experiences where visual thinking played an important part in decision making?


Annemarie Berukoff


Retired teacher — wisdom of Timely Tools for Changes: self-franchise internet marketing, social media attacks, ecology https://annemarie3steps.medium.com

PS: But when you’re the first to de-construct and re-invent a product, a platform, a service, a profession, an industry … you own an entire kingdom. Perry Marshall

Retired teacher — wisdom of Timely Tools for Changes: self-franchise internet marketing, social media attacks, ecology https://helpfulmindstreamforchanges.com

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