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Ten Lesson Plans Within Context for Teen Girl Faces Time in the Sand

…a Timely Tale about Struggles, Regrets and Survival on Social Media with a Superpower Tool

Annemarie Berukoff
7 min readDec 19, 2020


This special e-book is a two hour read, three day account of a teen girl coming to terms with her adolescent timeline within her Selfies domain, addictions and more reverence for the passing of time. Within that brief encounter lies a context for lesson plans that help check comprehension and possible extensions. The following TEN exercises will help to explore some of the story’s content at a more personal level available as a download.

It is this teacher’s hope that every teen girl will discover more personal truths and may wish to share some of their results or ask more questions.

LESSON 1: Show Some Love for your BrainPart 1 (diagram)

Objective: Be amazed at the complexity and potential of your brain … an amazing organ of soft nervous functioning tissue that coordinates sensation and intellectual activity within different areas.

Directions: For each ability write a few words to show that you use that part very well. Add more contour lines to the brain or decorate it to show how wonderfully complex it is. Realize that in all its power to be, it is not developed fully in adolescents. Your judgement skills don’t develop in the associative areas until mid -twenties. Imagine how much smarter you’ll be then.

Love Your Brain … part 2

A neuron or nerve cell receives sensory input from the external world that send signals to muscles and all other reactions including abstract thought.

Here is a picture to show the complexity of any one neuron. Draw your own neuron in the empty space. Make sure they do not physically connect to any part because neurons pass messages with neuro transmitter chemicals at synapses between the cells. It’s why brain chemicals are so important to what the brain thinks or feel.

LESSON 2: How I Connect to My Real World Connections

Objective: Show how many real-life connections a person can have within their experience or reality. You are…



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