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Ten Lesson Plans Within Context for Teen Girl Faces Time in the Sand

…a Timely Tale about Struggles, Regrets and Survival on Social Media with a Superpower Tool

LESSON 1: Show Some Love for your BrainPart 1 (diagram)

LESSON 2: How I Connect to My Real World Connections

LESSON 3: My Time line and Social Rites of Passage

LESSON 4: Calendar of Time Experience

LESSON 5: Practice Making Smart Choices

LESSON 6: Difference Between Choice, Decision or Habit

LESSON 7: Comparing Two Selfies

LESSON 8: Garden of Morals and Self-Esteem

LESSON 9: How Do You Spend Your Time Online and Offline?

LESSON 10: Celebrate My Time Mindset or Mantra

My Example of a Time Mantra

Retired teacher — wisdom of Timely Tools for Changes: self-franchise internet marketing, social media attacks, ecology

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