Who Do You Know Needs Better Webinars Broadcasting for 90 Min. vs 40 Min. Zoom?

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Annemarie Berukoff
2 min readSep 17


Everybody knows that webinars are developing to be the life stream of success for all kinds of businesses as well as entrepreneurs and anybody else with a mission to share information to their widest public possible.

Webinars are a dynamic solution to help your business or expertise stand out in the competition. They help to create personal experiences, connect in real time, interact, and establish credibility to convert more sales cost- effectively with global reach.


Who Needs Best Performing Webinars?

Business Owners

Real Estate Agents

Network Marketers and Affiliates

Podcasters and Social Influencers

Online Coaches

Christians and Churches

Traders Forex Stocks or Crypto


Public Speakers and Financial Planners

Women Based Businesses and Moms Connecting with Moms

Car Lots


Zoom Users

Who else can be added to this list?


INTRODUCING: a new webinar software that is disrupting the Zoom platform with many outstanding features including a unique monetization advantages:

  • Video Meetings: 90 Min duration
  • Stream to 5 Platforms at Once
  • Post and Chat
  • Create Groups and Join Groups & Shows
  • Create Organic Leads
  • Konnections using A.I. Technology


Do you see value in keeping up with newest technology?

Are you interested to increase sales, find new clients, and custom brand you Business or opportunity with 5 platforms in 1, virtual conferencing, live broadcasting, group creation, AI connections and organic lead postings?

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