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Who’s Concerned IF Social Media Affects Education and E-Learning …this teacher sees 5 problems.

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” Nelson Mandela

ONE: Virtual communication is not face to face communication … stop the illusion that it is!

Communication has always been about people talking to each other in real time relying on personal rapport. It’s not blank screens messaging other blank screens.

TWO: Does the timeless function of Grammar even matter anymore?

Grammar is about structure and precision about how language works, types of words, word groups, sentences and paragraphs to make communication logical, clear and correct. Spelling is important to memorize as part of the brain’s mental capacity in creating constant patterns of language. We used to memorize multiplication tables, or do we still?

THREE: How much do you think when texting or tweeting?

Real thinking is a mental process by which to form models of the world and psychological associations. The brain’s neurology takes practice to amalgamate concepts, solve problems, find reasons and make decisions. Cognitive frames are experiential, built by absorbing, processing and remembering, to be smarter and more emotionally and environmentally competent.

FOUR: How involved are parents with education?

What happens if there is a communication disconnect with parents who may not be as adept on social media compared to teenagers who live in their own Selfie domain? They may both lack an understanding of potential overuse. Perhaps, students are allowed to use their cellphones during classes which becomes a major distraction. Studies have shown that teens who frequently check their profiles have lower grades and lower reading retention. Academic performance may be impacted by lack of sleep, which parents may not know about.

Five: What are the side effects of social media on online learning?

Because of the pandemic and social isolation, the necessity of public education has entered the arena of online learning or E-Learning.

Retired teacher — wisdom of Timely Tools for Changes: self-franchise internet marketing, social media attacks, ecology

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