Why My Personal Website is Omnivorous With 3 Timely Tools for Cultural Change

“You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one. I hope someday you’ll join us. And the world will live as one.” John Lennon

Annemarie Berukoff
5 min readOct 18, 2020

The truth … what dramatic changes our culture has undergone at individual levels, community behaviors and restructuring value beliefs in the last decade! Even if it’s true, that change is the only constant, how can so many new ideas, operations and challenges be manageable, especially if contrary to norms and traditions? Whether you want it or not, things will keep on changing and re-adapting is the best way to keep moving forward.

On one side, there may be overwhelming confusion and uncertainty; on the other side, there may be well-experienced, time-proven timely tools to find better adaptations to common problems.

However, first, you need to face the dawning of changes and accept them as inevitable forces and then choose to manage them with balance, positive energy and flexible ways to use them to your advantage.

My personal website is about how to manage 3 changes

It is my personal legacy after 70 years of trials, experiences and contemplation. As a teacher, my perspective has always been the Big Picture, the total unit of study versus any one objective or account. Decision making has always been based on variables and shared resolutions.

The 3 greatest impacts about which I feel strongly enough to try and offer choices for new cultural changes are:

Online marketing … how to democratize a level playing field

Social Media … how to help teen girls overcome angst and disadvantages to set a mindset that offline time is more important than online time

Nature’s Ecosystem … how to experience and respect nature’s ecology from the roots up with stories

Online Marketing

Cultural change: The exponential growth of the Digital Economy and dramatic changes in the internet marketing industry were advantageous to top promoters with spheres of influence.

Along the way, it is…



Annemarie Berukoff

Retired teacher — Affiliate Marketer, Big Picture Wisdom, author 4 e-books: social media teens, eco-fiction ecology https://helpfulmindstreamforchanges.com