Why Not a Better Idea for Chicken Soup for the Soul Promotion to Authors Minus the Money

“Two days with Jack will change your life. He’ll share his hard-earned secrets of leading a truly fulfilling, enlightened and exciting life based on your true mission.”

Undoubtedly, the world admires Jack Canfield’s success as a best selling author with his series of Chicken Soup for the Soul and The Success Principles. He has launched 47 NY Times bestsellers and sold over 500 million books.

So, of course, which would-be author wouldn't be interested in hearing his advice about his failures, inspirations and strategies? So, last night I listened soulfully to his webinar hoping there was something inspirational to learn from this humanitarian; hopefully, without a money catch at the end. However, yes, there was a 10000 dollar opportunity if you could afford it.

But, wait a minute, shouldn’t there be a more equanimous promotion to include more serious authors with real important stories to share impacts about some of societal and environmental concerns and solutions?

But first there was his story as an inner city public school teacher writing about self esteem for students with 144 rejections before a publishing his first chicken soul book. There was positive talk about 5 ways writing a book will change your life. Key insights were shared about how the publishing and book marketing game really works. A powerful way to overcome any initial discomfort about putting yourself out there as an author, speaker, book promoter or talk show guest was interesting. He even displayed a million dollar check as royalties.

This was beginning to sound more and more like so many other promotional webcasts. But this promoter was Jack Canfield, author of Chicken Soul, with the general recipe or themes of teaching and learning, overcoming obstacles, renewal, perspective, eclectic wisdom, love and inspiration to warm your hearts and nourish your hopes.

What in this world could Jack be selling?

He was selling a virtual Mastermind Retreat … one of only 17 spots in a virtual retreat to get Jack’s personalized help with your book (or book idea) from the comfort and safety of your own home office.

Also provided would be an interview or a “plug” from Jack who’s trusted and beloved by millions of readers worldwide which would mean instant credibility. He would do an one-on-one interview for a special 7 minute promotional video to market your work and promote it to his million plus Twitter followers.

How much?

How much would these two days of mentoring, training, and motivation from Jack Canfield cost? Most authors, consultants and entrepreneurs would gladly pay many tens of thousands of dollars to consult just one day with Jack … but you’ll be spending two days with him online, right?

But here’s an even better deal. Save up to $1,694.00 off the regular price if you apply for one of the 17 spots before March 29th at 9 pm Eastern

Your $50 application fee now, toward two installments of $5,515 each, charged at acceptance and 30 days from now.

Better Idea

I’m sure Jack’s organization includes hundreds of editors.

Why not promote an online contest for every would-be author to submit an idea for a novel or compilation of stories?

A standard format might include title, epilogue, theme, chapters overview and summary of storyline and applications to societal improvement. The editors’ job would be to select 17 best stories whether completed or still formative. Then, time, energy and expenses would be spent to bring these curated, meaningful stories to life and promotional well being. Then the author would have earned in fair competition the adjudicated right to claim his or her 15 minutes of fame with Jack Canfield.

It would certainly remove that elitist factor that seems to run rampant that having money is the sole progenitor of success.

Personal Suggestions

Stories about teenage struggles and survival on social media with a superpower tool.

Stories about ecology and environment as Eco-Fiction …. first person narratives from Nature itself.

Why not pass this information to Mr. Canfield’s organisation if you can?

Comments and questions are always welcome,

Annemarie Berukoff


Retired teacher — wisdom of Timely Tools for Changes: self-franchise internet marketing, social media attacks, ecology https://helpfulmindstreamforchanges.com

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