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You are What You Eat … How to Avoid Enemy Food Attacks with 10 Valuable Good Food Environment Tips

Humans will swallow almost anything that does not swallow them first … the new enemy is our advertised appetite and preoccupation with food

Annemarie Berukoff
7 min readNov 18, 2020

Good nutrition is fundamental to good health. Good health is based on nutrition, a complex system requiring a total balance of macro-nutrients and micro-nutrients in correct amounts and synergy.

“It is … one of the key factors in maintaining human optimum growth and development, structure and function, immune system competence, prevention and management of disease states, as well as the establishment of a healthful lifestyle with optimum fitness and health.” (Dr. Laz Bannock, Introduction to Nutrition and Health, 2001 IICN)

The Big Picture View

About 90% of money spent on food is on processed food and only 10% on fresh food … and it should be the opposite.

Our food system has moved beyond independent family farms and local processors to “forced production” giants in agriculture and conglomerates or “food chains’. National chains of supermarkets, super centers or franchised restaurants bombard our culture with endless “food stuffs.”

Food may appear cheap and convenient, but it is often nutrient deficient due to several reasons: green harvesting, time lag between harvesting and stores, storage, transportation, preparation, and the refining of sugar, corn syrup, cereals, and grains.

There is also the problem of the unnatural degree of environmental toxins in soil and water. Large amounts of fertilizer, pesticides and herbicides are sprayed on vegetable crops. Even in 1930’s scientists warned that not fertilizing with trace minerals would result in an epidemic of chronic diseases.

It is estimated that 70% of all antibiotics are used in crowded agricultural settings like feed lots to prevent infections in animals, which are then ingested by people.

What is your current personal food supply?

What are you “transporting” from the grocery shelves to your amazing galaxy of cells? A shopping cart full of cans…



Annemarie Berukoff

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